Personal tax, corporation tax, trust & estates, and tax planning. We provide all tax related services.

We prepare personal tax returns for individuals, families, sole proprietors and final returns. We also offer assistance for CRA audits for prior returns filed. Most personal tax returns are due on the last day of April in the subsequent year but for sole proprietors, they are due on June 15th of the subsequent year. If there are taxes owing, they should be paid by the last day of April in the subsequent year to ensure that there are no interest or penalties.

Corporate tax returns needs to be filed by every company regardless if they owe taxes or not. A corporate tax return is due 6 month after the company's fiscal year end date. In addition, a company may need to file GST, T4/T5, payroll and tax instalment payments and each of these has a different deadline. We are here to help with these cumbersome tasks!

Advisory and Bookkeeping

Whether you are a seasoned business or a new start-up, we work closely with you and your business to provide sound solutions that are uniquely tailored to help your business succeed.

Advisory services we provide include:

  • Contract controller/CFO work
  • Forensic Accounting, Financial Investigation or Forensic Litigation Support Services
  • Financial planning and cash flow management
  • Budgeting and forcasting
  • Review of business plans
  • Due diligence for purchase or sale of business

Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Monthly bookkeeping, payroll and GST assistance
  • Quickbooks and Sage record keeping
  • Quickbooks online assistance
  • Monthly or quarterly financial statement preparation

Accounting and Assurance

We provide financial statement audit, review and compilation for small-midsized companies.

An audit engagement offers the highest level of assurance to assess whether an entity's financial statements and note disclosures are compliant under their respective accounting frame work. In addition to providing a conclusion on the financial statements, we will also evaluate the internal controls of your organization and provide any recommendations to help strengthen your internal controls. Audits may be required if you require significant financing, looking to raise share capital from investors or received significant government grants.

A review engagement aims to obtain limited assurance on whether an entity's financial statements comply under a reporting framework. Procedures are more focussed around discussions with management and financial statement analysis. A review may be required if you have significant financing.

A compilation engagement is the most cost effective since there is no assurance provided and the statements do not need to comply with any Canadian accounting frameworks. We prepare your financial statements based on information provided by you. Compilations are used to obtain low level financing or for internal management use.

Regardless of the which level of financial reporting you require, we will provide a year-end review to discuss your business activity during the year and address any questions you may have and to help you further understand what is taking place with your business.

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